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I Don't Do Crowds.

I don't do crowds.... at least not well anyway. I'm told this makes me an introvert. Call me what you want... but it makes me wanna hyperventilate and hide in a bathroom stall for as long as possible. Truth.

I prefer... small group settings... where I know everyone of course... because otherwise, a small group setting is worse than the crowd... too close and personal. What's crazy is on the flipside... that's exactly what I need and love more than anything... up close and personal relationships... where I can see the crevices of a heart and they can see mine.

I take the roads less traveled...There is no need to look for me where everyone else is... You won't find me there. I find following the crowd is boring and a waste of time.. in most cases the path of least resistance is a dead end... and that's where the crowd usually goes... every time.

I prefer....the climb. Not that I enjoy pain and uncertainty... not that I encourage teetering on cliffs and flirting with the edge of crazy... BUT... I've found the uphill journey... the unchartered path... is usually where I grow. I enjoy new life... new ideas... change. I enjoy chipping away at debris and brush and creating something new... a path that wasn't there before. And I don't mind walking it alone... if that's what it takes.