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Glass House

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

When I decided it was time to hide away and write the album it was no surprise to me that this song was the one that tumbled out first.

I've found over the years as my platform has broadened and as I've found my own voice, that not everyone appreciates what I have to say or what I stand for. Nor do they support the mountains I've decided to climb and the dreams I've chosen to pursue. Long time friends not only refused to celebrate me in my successes but also disappeared during my darkest struggles.

On top of all that, there are the trolls. The people who pretend they know you, they wear the mask around you that says "safe space" and "friend", but behind your back their main goal is to basically... well... destroy you and everything you love. Simply because they are insecure in themselves.

I've found that the further out of the box you climb... the harder it is to determine who is for you, and who is against you. Every word you say, every blog you write, every social media post you put out into the world is measured with intense scrutiny. You see there are those people who bring the Judas of the bible back to life... literally Judas reincarnate. They are waiting and wishing for you to fail miserably. They smile to your face and pretend they have your back, but behind the scenes they are making deals with the devil... taking part in drama, gossip, and division. They are bound by jealousy, self-doubt, self-hate, and carry so much of their own shame they have to get rid of it all somehow... so they dump it on you. They look for anything and everything they can to use against you, to trip you up, to call you out, to break your heart, to poke holes in your character and to destroy your reputation.