Let's Take a Road Trip

Since launching my book and music, I've been sent numerous messages, asking how I managed to take loss, grief, and all the other roads I've traveled and turn them into hope... into a life of purpose...not to mention, how did I make time to reconcile it all while trying to survive life... home, work, and family? Now that's a loaded question... I can say it's taken years of therapy and loads of grace for myself. I've come out on the other side with a well of resources and tools that have honestly... saved me. If it's okay... I'd like to share them with you... in hopes your roadtrip will lead you to the same place mine has led me... back home.

"There are roads that get us lost, and roads that lead us home. A life fully lived, includes both." 

                          Erica Stone

What is the Road  Trip

The ROAD TRIP is an online program — that I will facilitate LIVE each week via ZOOM — a journey that will help you reconcile the roads you’ve traveled and find your way back to the life you are purposed to live. We’ll create a roadmap of sorts, covering topics that include: 


Who Am I vs. What I’m Worth

We will talk about the lies we tell ourselves, giving us a false sense of who we are- resulting in self-doubt- taking us down roads leading nowhere. We will study the difference between identity and dignity, discovering how to reframe the voices in our heads, altering the conversation and ultimately LOVING who we are from the inside out.

Enneagram - 

We will study the following: The definition of True Identity, how to discover yours, finding your number, recognizing your unique traits, what makes you tick, recognizing our healthy and unhealthy traits, what causes those shifts, and the art of self correction. 

Self-Care/Home-Work Balance

Once you know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE WORTH, you can create a healthier home and work balance, catering not only to your family, but also caring for yourself WHOLEHEARTEDLY. I will give you tools and resources I've used along the way, to help you say your best YES and your strongest NO... building the boundaries needed to serve your families, communities, and yourself well.


Toxicity/Boundaries/Healthy Relationships 

Once you know WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE WORTH, it’s easier to cut ties with relationships that tether you to toxicity and negative headspace. We will cover the HOW TO and what healthy boundaries should look like as you work towards a more peaceful and focused life.

Resurrecting Your Dream/Rediscovering Your Purpose

Once we cover the topics above, we can do a deeper dive into the passions and purpose sitting inside the CORE of your being. We will create a path to help you define them, pick them up off the shelf of your heart, and place them front and center, where they deserve to be.

As we cover these topics we will also be creating a community with others JUST LIKE YOU…. You’ll have access to a secret FB group where you can commune whole heartedly and support one another on your personal journey. Do you have to participate in the group? Absolutely not, but I think you'll be happy you did. There, we will offer up extra discussion and support following each week’s topics. 

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