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Kids & Hard Stuff.

Maddox bought me this journal at Christmas… note it says “SLOW DOWN”… later in my room after we had opened our gifts... he came to me and said...

“Mom… when I saw this journal I thought of you….I want you to use this to write the things you need to write… there is so much you need to say. I know sometimes we kids are a lot of work and you need space and quiet….So please take a break and SLOW DOWN... we kids are fine... you need to focus on writing in these pages. It's important.”

He hugged me hard.... and after he left the bedroom.. I cried.

I cried because he saw the truth… on one hand I was proud of his empathy and heart… on the other hand I was embarrassed that he saw me as weak and someone who struggled sometimes…. as someone who has put her heart cries on hold for other people.. other roads… other “more important things”.

Moms. Please listen to me.

You can’t hide life from your kids. No matter how hard you try… they will bear witness to HARD things… and sometimes they will learn lessons right inside their own home… th