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The Comparison Game.

I find it so disheartening to see and hear women tear down other women based purely on perception... We dig into the lives of others and cast shadows on them without knowing their heart at all.... I've come to realize that judgement is cast by those who feel like they are being judged...and many times THEY are the ones judging themselves....

Think about it... who REALLY has time to dig into the lives of others? Who really has time to gossip and spread hate? Only people intent on finding a circle to relate to... people who hate on themselves so much they have to pass the hate on... to the unsuspecting...they are the ONLY people who care about what's happening in another person's glass house... most are too busy just trying to live their own lives well... there is NO TIME to compare your life to someone else when you are busy actually LIVING your OWN.

But the people hellbent on playing the comparison game... do so because they cannot get comfortable in their own skin.

And you know what... we have ALL been there and done that.

We've lived like a hostages in own bodies... carrying layers of hurt and shame... we take those layers off like heavy coats and smother those around us... it solves NOTHING... it only breaks down potential relationships and destroys trust....