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Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

There has been a stirring in my heart for a solid year… a breakdown of what I’ve known.. a searching for what I’ve yet to find. Humbling moments.. honest revelations…. revelations that made me scream and cry.... a stretching of sorts....and an understanding that in order to embrace humanity and to TRULY love it…

I have to let go of ME.

I have to let go of the excess that continues to keep me tangled and too busy to see what’s right in front of me. I have to do the hard things… I have to choose the unpopular path… even if I walk it alone. I have to silence the noise so I can hear these soul stirrings… so I can understand the nudging that wakes me up in the middle of the night.

This is what I continue to ask myself... when the night doesn't let me sleep....

Do we really wanna live in lockstep with others… in line with dogma…inside the box of mediocrity and social acceptance?

I don’t know about you… but I don’t. We cannot be BRAVE with our lives... we can't create our best work… we can't step into rhythm with our purpose…we can't dive headfirst into the trenches and fight for causes greater than ourselves…and do so... without disappointing or offending somebody.

YES we WILL be misunderstood..

YES we WILL shed relationships like skin..

BUT…. we will plant new seed… and those seeds will produce LIFE… but first... we have to let go of what’s left us torn, used up, and stained. Finding ourselves and our TRUE purpose takes GUTS…. it takes courage… it takes hard conversations and a wrestling with our creator… It takes the decision to move from one place to another… it screams LOUDLY.... “I will no longer defend my purpose to those who do not understand it”... “I will no longer negotiate WHO I AM to engage surface media... or to accumulate likes”... It instead says "YES" to stubborn and bold authenticity… It’s choosing to stand alone, if needed, to embrace the purpose you were created for… After all, what kind of life are you living if you settle for what the world expects of you… if you only scratch the surface…

So as I tell myself this truth.... I am also telling YOU...

Yes YOU...

DON’T drink the freakin kool-aid. Be FEARLESS. BE YOU. Unapologetically, and without defense. Walk forward in your scarred truth, carry your broken hearts proudly, and with courage...

RISE. STAND TALL… Be HUMAN… so you can give love to all the other humans that need you.... and need to know they simply matter.


YOU MATTER. Now go live so others know they matter too. And make sure to tell them... ya know... about the Kool-Aid.



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