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Hiding Places

I hide. I do. I can't help it. I hide from SO.MANY.THINGS.

FIRST...I hide from my kids... because how else would I stay sane?

I hide in my closet (This is where I eat things I've hidden from my kids...because if I didn't they would eat me out of house and home... rotten teenagers. I consume halloween candy from last year, wine, cupcakes from Trader Joe's...ya know all those yummy things that make us feel better about our current circumstance).

I hide in my bathroom (I pretend I'm peeing... this gives me about 10 minutes to check my email and scroll through the Nordstrom sale for that week).

I hide in the shower... ( I will absolutely take several showers a day if it means I get 20 minutes to myself to actually THINK, PRAY, or SING along to Taylor Swift... so yes this means I am VERY clean and our water bill is VERY high.)

I hide in my car. (My trips to the "store" always take at least 30 minutes longer than they should... because I decide to sit in the quiet and count to 10... or in many cases... 100... over and over again.)

SECOND... I hide from my "To-Do" List... because I am a TOTAL procrastinator.

I hide from the laundry room (I assume that when my kids run out of underwear they will take the initiative and wash their own clothes.)

I hide from the grocery store. (I've embraced online shopping with a vengeance and have not stepped foot inside a Kroger in probably a year).

I hide from cooking dinner and bedtime rituals. (I admit it, I am SO tired by the end of the day we could own stock in UberEats and PostMates... and YES I even tell my 5 year old to tuck herself in sometimes.)

THIRD... I hide from hard things.. overwhelming things.

I hide from hard conversations. (I'm learning that it's my nature to apologize when I am the one hurting and I rarely stand up for myself.... I can fight for everyone else... but never for my own heart... my own hurt. So instead of bleeding out in front of the one who took the knife to my heart... I run.)

I hide from relationships. (You know the kind that force you to engage in unnecessary drama...nope.. can't take it... when that crap starts... I find the first open door and quietly exit the building.. never to be heard from again).

I hide from Facebook. (Social Media does pay my bills and has connected me with AMAZING people... but I've found myself running from the controversy, trolling, political rants, and passive aggressive people that I realize I should have never invited into my life in the first place...

I hide from my own truth and grief. I shelve it and push through... I bury it and keep going... I pretend like I'm all good... but ya know what....

I realize I can hide from so many things and from so many people... but I can't hide from myself.

I know I've been hiding too much when the chest pains start... when anxiety creeps in... when I lose sleep at night... It all screams "ENOUGH! Start paying attention to what is breaking your heart... to what is wearing you the struggles that you wear like a heavy coat. ERICA... You can't pretend it doesn't hurt.... you can't pretend like you've got it all together... YOU DON'T. So...


This new album... is me... it coming... at some point.. as soon as I stop hiding from it too :(

So I count to 10 and say out loud...




I hope the album speaks to someone... and together we can tackle the hard things... so that one day... instead of hiding in the dark... we can step into the light... accepting the road we are on and recognizing we are on a journey...and even the hiding counts... even the hiding matters.. the question is... "Why do we hide?"

The way we get better? By getting honest....

"I hide because...."

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I hide because life can be so overwhelming. I try to be the perfect wife, mother, co-worker, friend and Christian. I too have panic attacks which without outside help I’d be unable to live a productive life (still questionable about productive if I’m hiding). I don’t share my thoughts or feelings with anyone but my therapist. She is the only person that I trust not to judge me.

Erica, thank you for sharing your journey ❤️


Nicole Johansen
Nicole Johansen
Jun 01, 2018

If your album is anything like this- I have no doubt it will speak directly into my soul. This is so heavy yet it was almost like a stream of fresh water over my soul. So hard to explain other than- I hide too and I feel as if how you explained it all above was exactly me (minus the making music part- I adore listening to it and that is certainly how God speaks to me, but I have no musical gifted bone in my body lol). Thank you. For pouring out. You have touched at least one life already- me. xoxo


I hide.. because I'm scared of what people would think if they knew the real me.. the person I am with only a select few people that I trust enough to expose my heart and soul too.

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