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Hiding Places

I hide. I do. I can't help it. I hide from SO.MANY.THINGS.

FIRST...I hide from my kids... because how else would I stay sane?

I hide in my closet (This is where I eat things I've hidden from my kids...because if I didn't they would eat me out of house and home... rotten teenagers. I consume halloween candy from last year, wine, cupcakes from Trader Joe's...ya know all those yummy things that make us feel better about our current circumstance).

I hide in my bathroom (I pretend I'm peeing... this gives me about 10 minutes to check my email and scroll through the Nordstrom sale for that week).

I hide in the shower... ( I will absolutely take several showers a day if it means I get 20 minutes to myself to actually THINK, PRAY, or SING along to Taylor Swift... so yes this means I am VERY clean and our water bill is VERY high.)