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So much power in such a small word. A word that said ALONE.. without explanation...makes a powerful statement. It's a punch in the gut to those who don't respect boundaries. A firm stance to those who push and manipulate us. A defense for our hearts and minds that constantly need protection.

Yet we have such trouble saying it. Why is it so hard to draw lines in the sand and create space around us when we beg for air... when we need room to breathe? We continue to say YES.... when our insides are screaming NO. We avoid saying it for fear of hurting or offending... and we suffer because of it. We endure the suffering. We endure being over exposed, over extended, over used, and over spent, because we don't value ourselves enough to choose ourselves FIRST.

We have been taught the mindset... "Put others first, I am last". We think we are doing a great service to others when we live life in this headspace... but in the end, that couldn't be further from the truth.

In order to LOVE big, in order to give FULLY, our own tanks must be full. NO must become a word in our every day vocabulary. If we fail to recognize its power and give it the space it needs to work in our lives... we will live fractured. I don't know about you, but I don't want a lesson I teach my children to be THAT... "Mom showed me how to live fractured with a tired, half beating heart..."


Nope. and NO. I say NO to that.

I will begin to say NO to more.... until the lesson changes. Until one day they say..

"Mom taught me to love myself. Mom taught me that NO isn't a dirty word, but a boundary line I deserve. And because of those boundaries, my heart can LOVE others for the long haul."

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