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New Season

I feel like this year has been such a blur. We sold our home just outside of Nashville in January. Just as we were about to close on our home in FL (30A)... COVID hit. Our bank stopped all mortgage lending and we lost it. We found another temporary place and ever since... I've felt like I've been suspended in air. Nothing feels settled. I'm learning so much though in this space. The in between, as I like to call it.

I go back and forth to Nashville... find some solace in my little condo down off Music Row... spend those days writing and collaborating with other songwriter friends... and then comes the in between again... my new life down by the ocean.

I'm learning to live with less. I'm learning to take each day as it comes. I'm learning to function without friends and family close by.... I think that's been the hardest part. BUT I'm learning how to do it.

The in between has proven to be a creative space for me though. I feel like I'm doing my best writing in this COVID storm... in this "not knowing what's ahead" space. I've come to learn we pour out best when we are in a vulnerable place. I think this space we are in right now in the world... is EVERY BIT of vulnerable. We have ZERO control. ZERO.

I decided when I moved... I would greet the ocean EVERY day. I would take care of myself EVERY day. I would take moments that usually tick by without a second thought and I would memorize them.