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It's Been a Minute

It's unreal how quickly time passes. This has been a year packed with change. I don't know about you, but as my children grow, as my career takes shape, as my face ages in the mirror.... I realize I have little control over my life. I can't stop time, I can't change the past, and I can't see what tomorrow holds. What I can do.... is firm my stance. Settle my feet deep into the soil I have been given to tend and hold on tight.

So that's what I have done my best to do this year.

Releasing my book and album this year brought Adama's story to thousands. It wasn't easy... but it was an honor. It was an honor to carry her with me into every interview, to listen to others as they spoke her name... as though they knew her. The 4 year journey it took to write about that period of my life proved to be all it should have been. It bruised me... I bled... and then... I simply healed... because eventually all wounds do.

I've never been more at peace with the road I've traveled. For a long time the grief I carried was simply love with no place to go... well now it's traveled around the world via book... into the hands of so many... who just might see the world differently now... because of a beautiful soul named Adama... and for me that makes my heart beat differently now. In a good way.

As for family.... my kids are growing up. I find so much pride in the roads they've chosen, yet at the same time I wanna scream "NO. DON'T GO! NOT YET!"... What parent is ever ready for their children to grow up, leave the nest, and face this big world... all on their own? Not me. Yet here we are. I have three children who stepped out into