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Simply Walk Away

**Walk away from arguments that lead you to anger.**

Anger leads to nowhere fast.

**Walk away from trying to please people.**

The people that actually matter don't want your best... they just want YOU. The perfectly imperfect you. 

**Walk away from any thought that takes away your peace of mind.** 

You're already freakin tired... don't waste a moment trying to change or fix what you can't fix. MOVE ON.

**Walk away from your mistakes**

They were bumps in the road and not your fate. Did you hear me? They are NOT YOUR FATE. It's time to start the next chapter... like right now.  

**Walk away from the gossip**

You don't have to come to every conversation you're invited to. Be the bigger person. Don't become one of them. It's just plain ugly. 

**Walk away from the box.**

Just because everyone else is happy living in one... doesn't mean you have to be. It's okay to do the different. It's okay to burn the freakin box down.

**Walk away from judgmental people**

They have not walked in your shoes... they couldn't fit in them if they tried... and their opinions are irrelevent. 

**Walk away from the vice**

I don't know what yours is... but I know what mine is... WE ALL HAVE ONE....a weakness or habit that only lends more flames to a fire we wanna burn's never gonna fix you. Put that sucker out before it takes you down.

**Walk away from the scale** 

Stop worrying about the pounds you packed on during your dark season... You are beautiful. If you lose joy every time you face that number... throw the flippin scale out the window. It's not worth it.

**Walk away from people who deliberately speak words to harm your heart and your reputation**

Let their insecurities destroy them... not you. 

**Walk away from the mom guilt**

annnd the wife guilt... and the friend guilt... and all the other stupid guilt you dump on yourself...You are doing the BEST you can. You are a human... living in an imperfect world.... this means you can't be all things to all people all the time... you will screw up... DAILY.... so give yourself a break. 

**Walk away from the computer**

Social media will destroy your mindset and alter reality. That is if it hasn't already...It's time for a healthy dose of balance. Shut it down... take it off your phone... and embrace the moment...You'll be surprised the amount of peace you find when you are no longer connected- 24 hours a day- to a world that doesn't even really know you. 

**Walk away from unhealthy expectations**

Grace needs to abound in order to find peace in your life. Here comes the part that isn't about you... it's about THEM. Shower them in grace... you can't expect hurting people to NOT hurt people. You can't expect broken people to NOT break people. You can't walk up to a snake and NOT expect it to bite you... it's a SNAKE for God's sake... Stop expecting to find what you are looking for in the crowd... and stop expecting more from yourself than what you can give today. GRACE. It's all about GRACE.

They know not what they do.... They will do better when they know better... as will you... so until then... once again... Grace... That being said... do build some boundaries... you are not a doormat. 

The sooner you walk away from the things that poison your well... the sooner you will find the emotional stability and a little of the peace you've been looking for. 

So get to it Lovelies... and start walking away... Actually. Run.... ya know... like someone's chasing you.


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