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Listen Here Mama

Listen here mama,

You are killing this thing called motherhood.

Yes... maybe you forgot to pick up your child from soccer practice... for like... the 10th time.

Yes... maybe you have ordered takeout... 7 days in a row... because your are FREAKING tired and making dinner is like... the last thing you can bring yourself to do right now.

Yes... maybe your child has been wearing their PJ's since Friday because your up to your eyeballs in laundry and don't have two minutes to start the washer.

Yes... maybe you didn't handle it well when the dog crapped in the floor and a certain curse word escaped your mouth and your 5 year old has been repeating that certain curse word ever since.

Yes... maybe you locked your 17 year old out of the house for a few hours because you couldn't take the rebellious behavior for one more moment... he's such a jackass... and you are OVER IT.

Yes... maybe your 3 year old STILL is not potty trained... and waiting on him to do his deed in the bathroom makes you wanna claw your eyes out... and you fight tears because you just wanna go to Target ONCE without changing diapers or wet underwear....

Yes... maybe you lied and told your kids you were going to run errands and instead you sat in the parking lot an ate an entire box of Krispy Kreme donuts BY YOURSELF.

Yes... maybe your teenager hates you and wants to move out like ASAP... and you secretly hope they do....

Yes....maybe you have a brand new baby that coos and smiles at you and thinks you hung the moon... but your kinda tired of being a 24/7 nursing station and you just want your husband to FREAKIN get that and pick up the baby at 3am...hand the baby to you...sit up with you and lose sleep too.... for the LOVE OF GOD he should have to know how hard this is!

Yes... maybe you wish summer camp was all summer long because trying to keep kids happy and healthy and busy every single day may cause you to jump a cliff before the week is over.... and it's only Monday.

Yes... maybe your teenager is making grown up choices that they are not old enough to make... risking their entire future...and you scream at God... begging him to protect them when you can't... wondering where you went wrong... wishing for a redo....

Yes... maybe you want to run away today... because your heart is bleeding out of your chest... being a mother is hard and you feel like you're failing.

So what.... So you don't always have stellar moments...

Your kids are alive... and YOU are still breathing... and this is a HUGE accomplishment.

And listen... don't own the guilt trip when people tell you to pull it together and say that the years go by so fast and you'll wish you had them back...

Mamas... the years do not go by fast... not when your in the middle of the HARD...when the days last a MILLION FREAKIN YEARS.

So give yourself a break... and give yourself a pat on the back.

YOU are beautiful and you are KILLING this thing called motherhood.

Now go put a movie on for your kids and escape to the tub and take a bath in the middle of the day... watch an episode of your fav show and don' forget chocolate...


You're killing this thing called motherhood... because you keep showing up.... because at the end of the day... those kids are your everything and you'd give your life for them.... over and over again...

Oh wait... you already have....

So having said deserve 30 minutes of uninterrupted happiness. You really do.

As for me... I will be eating cake this morning... at 8am... and no it's not my birthday... but I have 6 kids... and so there's that.

REASON ENOUGH for cake every single day ;)

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