Baptized in the Swell

Do that thing.

The hard thing.

Dive deep... Don’t wait on the others..... it’s not their ocean to conquer.... it’s yours.

Let them judge you. Let them rank your efforts and attack your plans. Let them say where you went wrong as they wait for you to drown. Let them pick your dream apart. Let them pick you apart... piece by piece...judging how you swim the deep...

All the while...their feet stay dry on the shoreline with only sand between their toes.

There in the center of the baptized in the swell...recognize YOU are the one brave enough to do the hard thing.... you jumped before you knew how to swim... and discovered the waves would carry you....

Feel the salt on your skin... Wave at those still standing on the shore.

Smile that smile that screams FREEDOM.

They may call you the crazy one..... but you just swam the damn ocean... meanwhile their feet never left the shore.

Now you tell me.... who will be the one living in regret?