BEHIND THE SONG- Antidote-Track 5

Sometimes it's so easy to see through the person standing right in front of you. They think their mask is on straight. They think they have us fooled, but they don't.

They carry their pain front and center, they think it's hidden from view, but it's as obvious as the sky above us that they are living in the middle of damage control.

There have been times my pain is out there...he sees it... I know he sees it. I would prefer to carry it alone.. to continue playing the "everything's okay" game. But then one embrace from him... and my entire body goes limp. I feel myself leaning in... folding into the safety of the arms that are around me.

He knows me. We are the same in so many ways. He knows what my silence means. He knows what my tears are really saying. He knows when I can't wear the game face for one more freaking second. He pulls me in, lets me feel what I'm feeling... he doesn't try to fix it... but he does try to numb the pain... for just a little while.

I realize in that moment... people fix us. They may not fix the situation... but they are the medicine in the moment. A simple touch, an embrace, and the pain will shift.

WE are the antidote. WE are the medicine. WE are the glue that keeps people from falling completely apart. WE are the escape.

Our impact is real. Our touch is healing.

So if you haven't held that person who belongs to you in a little while... if you've let life and it's chaos take control...Pull them in... remind them you can make them forget the reality of their world... for just a little while.

Be the Antidote.

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