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BEHIND THE SONG- Damn Good Woman - Track 6

A few years ago I watched a child of mine deal with rejection. I can share this because my boys have had SO MANY crushes you'll never know who I'm talking about... ;)

He had his heart set on a girl that for whatever reason needed to be chased. She wasn't good at settling into a relationship. She didn't understand how to. She would tease and run, tease and run.... bottom line she didn't know how to love back. He thought it was all because of him... It wrecked his self esteem and he spent a while bouncing back. I told him that eventually he'd find the one that didn't need to be chased... he'd find the one who was comfortable enough in herself... to stay.

I truly believed the words I told him. I'd watched too many "pursuits". I had so many family members and friends who had spent years trying to SAVE relationships...It never worked out well for most.

Then I watched one particular woman I know fight tooth and nail for a love she'd poured her whole life into. It wasn't just a marriage she was trying to rescue... it was a person. He had lost himself. She carefully did all she could to help him find his way back to the man he was before pain got a hold of him. I watched another woman I love dearly fight for her son. The further he fell the harder she fought too.

See sometimes relationships break down because PEOPLE break down. People get lost. They lose themselves in struggle, self destructio