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BEHIND THE SONG-Want You- Track 4

Another ballad off the album... but unlike Damn Good Woman where I celebrate the pursuit of love.... sacrificing everything to save the heart of another....on this track... I wrestle with the reality that sometimes love isn’t enough.

It’s easy to sit on the outside looking in and assume that when a couple call it quits... it’s a selfish move. They found someone else. They fell out of love. They became different people. Maybe they just simply changed their minds.

I think the truth of the matter is that no one leaves without feeling torn and wishing it were different. Goodbyes take guts. Often times it's the most gut wrenching decision a person will ever make. It’s easier sometimes to stay... so when someone decides to go... it’s likely for good reason.

As people we spend much of our lives acting like human wrecking balls. We love deeply and we also hurt with the same intensity... We hurt the people that matter most and we have no clue how to clean up the mess we leave behind.

You can can try again... and again... but sometimes our hearts just stop working like they used to and the damage is something we cannot overcome.

So we go.

It’s one thing... to leave. It’s another thing to let go.

This song reflects the heart of the one who knows the best decision is to part ways... but it doesn’t change the fact that a deep love and admiration for the other person... will always exist. Sometimes the most selfless love is shown through a goodbye...

Just look at the heart of adoption...mamas who say goodbye to their own babies because they know their love isn't enough... because they know their child deserves more than the life they can give them. Sometimes the most selfless love comes in closing the door and recognizing that maybe.... you can't love them in the way they deserve... maybe... just maybe.. they need more than what you can give.

So you let go. You wish them well... but underneath it all... is a love that stays... even if only in a memory.

**You can hear a soundbyte of WANT YOU on instagram. :)

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