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It’s been 8 months since my last visit to Sierra Leone. That’s the longest I’ve been away from my second home in some time. Recent months have held my head under the water…. drowning in responsibility, and determined to catapult endeavors and hopes that have been sitting on shelves in my brain for years. I’ve been pushing myself HARD.

When word got to me that we had a “situation” here in Sierra Leone… I cringed. Don’t ask me. Don’t tell me about it. I can’t take my eye off the balls I have in the air. I promised my kids I wouldn’t do “that kind of work” anymore. I promised I would take this season to rebuild the family that’s been tossed around and beat up the last 10 years by the world we’ve built around us.. I would STOP putting them second.

And then the call came. And then the next call. And the next. Before I realized it I was immersed in a downright TRAVESTY. Reports of injustice rolling in like a tornado.

The Trump administration.

Separated families.

A 10 year adoption program coming apart at the seams.

All because the government is choosing to build walls instead of families.

I won’t get political but I will say that I find apathy and those operating inside it… blind and pathetic. Arrogant and heartless. Those that operate in that mental framework won’t last forever, so we hold our breath and push through one of the darkest seasons I have ever witnessed in the world of US Immigration.

And while we wait for unfit leaders to leave office…

We advocate.

We put our fists in the air and feet to the pavement and we ACT.

It’s not easy though. Taking the step. Getting on the plane, not knowing what’s ahead, only relying on what you know from before… history… lessons learned.

All this leads to today. It’s a BIG day. We have joined arms with some incredible Sierra Leonians operating in areas of government and civil/criminal law that WILL be the one’s taking down the stronghold… the ones keeping children from their families. I believe in them with my WHOLE being and know all these families waiting to be united … would never have the chance without the beautiful people here who have decided enough is enough. They sit in, they refuse to take no for an answer, they problem solve, they brave the “we’ve never done it that way before”….. and they do the HARD things.

I’m so proud of our team. I’m so honored to watch them in their element…No-one has a clue how hard it is to chase one piece of paperwork… to hold one meeting… to simply get from one side of town to another. Every step is grueling… and they do it without affirmation. They do it with very little thanks.. they work behind the scenes… they do it because it isn’t about them… it’s about the kids… and so they continue on… facing the grind in hopes that by doing so… one more child will get the chance to go HOME. I am so thankful I can call them family. They truly inspire me.

All that to say,

Love know no borders… lines in the sand… the walls that separate countries are made by man… and never the intended design. We are ALL ONE… and deserve to be treated as such.

Please pray as we face the obstacle and find solutions. Pray for the families… the children… and those fighting the battle.


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