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STORY BEHIND THE SONG-Nobody Makes it Alone-Track 9

"It's all a struggle

give it to me and I'll take the load

It's all just another

way of proving were not made of stone

it breaks your heart but I can fix it

let me show you what I can do

You think it's over but it ain’t over

let me help you fight your way through"

Well here we are....

We are less than 72 hours away from the album release. I feel like I saved the most important song for last.

This last year was quite the ride. I made the decision to write about hard things and put out Adama's story via GRAY, while writing about my own life and experiences for this album... all at the same time. I spent time away from my work, my family, and my friends.... hiding away for days and weeks at a time to find the words that would be sufficient... trashing songs, and chapters, till I finally held in my hands what I felt was the most honest and true accounts on all fronts.

I wrote alot of chapters and alot of songs about pain. How could I not, sitting smack dab in the middle of it. But it wasn't long before my heart turned to the obvious. I couldn't have written the book or made the album without my circle. I couldn't have walked the road described in GRAY without my circle. I couldn't raise my family or chase dreams without my circle.

When the naysayers sneer, they cheer louder to drown out the noise.

When I feel like a failure as a parent they sit with me and remind me to be kind to myself.

When my book was published and I wanted to take it all back... they reminded me the story was mine and I couldn't run from it. It had to be told.

There are people in my life that I would not survive without. Friends that stick closer than a brother. Family that accepts me and all my insecurities and loves me still. A management and musical team that believes in my story and my talents and puts their own reputations on the line to represent me. There are people that, in spite of my years of hiding, stayed and patiently waited for me to come out of the dark. People who believed in my dreams when I didn't. People who believed in ME when I didn't.

THAT is where this song came from.

I hope you have someone in your life that roots for you when you don't have the strength... I hope you have someone who loves you while you wander... and welcomes you home when it's time to come back to who you are.

If you don't, lose your circle and find a new one.

because nobody makes it alone.

**You can hear a songbyte on Instagram**

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